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aakip™-🔥Summer Hot Sale Promotion-49% OFF🛠️-Multi-angle measuring ruler

aakip™-🔥Summer Hot Sale Promotion-49% OFF🛠️-Multi-angle measuring ruler

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✨ High quality professional measuring tool ✨


📏 Precision Metal Combination Angle Tool for Exact Marking and Drawing📏

🔧Multi-angle measuring ruler precise universal combination angle made of metal with ruler stop for precise marking and drawing🔧

About this item

  • 📏Accuracy: 12” (300mm) square with 1/16” notch spacing, featuring 1/32” spacing in the central 2 inches for precise measurements.
  • 📐Angle Measurement: This woodworking square includes marking holes for 10 commonly used angles (10°, 15°, 20°, 30°, 45°, 50°, 60°, 70°, 80°, 90°), and a scribing needle for exact scribing.
  • 🛠️Special Design: Equipped with a retractable metal ledge support to stabilize the handle on surfaces, and a hanging hole for convenient storage.

  • 🔧Durable: Laser-calibrated stainless steel ruler with precise, scratch-resistant scale lines for long-lasting accuracy.
  • 🔍Widely Applicable: Ideal for measuring, marking, and angle marking in carpentry, construction, and various manual tasks.

🌀Efficient & Convenient Porous Design

  • The ruler body adopts an innovative porous structure with holes per centimeter, which not only facilitates quick positioning and centimeter-level accurate marking, but also makes the ruler body flexible for angle marking, greatly simplifying the workflow and enhancing work efficiency.

🛠️Humanized Fall Proof & Labor-saving Design

  • The handle is specially designed with a fall proof function, which not only effectively prevents the measuring tool from accidentally slipping, but can also be fixed to the work surface by pushing, freeing the user's hands from continuous , greatly enhancing the comfort and safety of use.

🛡️Premium Materials & Stable Construction

  • The ruler body is crafted from 1.5mm thick high-carbon steel, hardened for superior abrasion resistance and durability in tough conditions. Its handle, made from high-strength alloy, offers excellent corrosion resistance, lightweight properties, and strong stability.


📏Precise Angle Control & Wide Applicability

  • The right-angle ruler features an adjustable drawing pin for precise angle marking. It allows for quick and accurate measurements of standard right angles, 45° angles, and any angle between 0° and 90°, enhancing its practicality and adaptability.

📦Technical Details
Package Dimensions:31.7 x 15.3 x 2.7 cm
Style:‎L Shaped Ruler

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