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aakip™-Guitar Chord Assisted Learning Tools

aakip™-Guitar Chord Assisted Learning Tools

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  • Do you still find it difficult to play the guitar? Using this aid, you can easily learn how to play the guitar.

Main Features

  • Suitable Guitar Size
    PLEASE MEASURE your guitar neck before ordering. 1 1/2″ minimum and 1 7/8″ maximum and from the nut to the 3rd fret should be approximately 4″. If the guitar is outside of this range, the Learning Tools will not work on your guitar.
  • Simple To Learn
    You can easily learn to play the guitar by sorting all the strings into specific combinations and distinguishing chords according to the color of the keys, getting rid of the complicated techniques of the traditional chords. Learning the guitar is easy.
  • Protect For Your Fingers
    Remove your fingers from the sharp strings and play the guitar by pressing different chord keys to avoid scratching your fingers. Learning to play the guitar is as simple as that.

How to Play?

Which guitars are suitable for?

See the video below for details on how to use it!


  • ABS
Product Weight
  • 50G
Product Size
  •  8x4x13cm
Package Contents
  • Guitar Chord Assisted Learning Tools × 1 or 2pcs
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