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aakip™-Professional Engraving Pen

aakip™-Professional Engraving Pen

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Take your DIY skills to the next level in less than 1 minute

Make your crafts unique (without effort) with the Engraving Pen. Your results will astonish everyone around you.


You don't need to be a talented drawer to make wonderful designs. Separate your average project from everyone's project by customizing it!

We designed a Pen-Sized, high-technology engraving pen, to replace the big rotary tools.

There is no catch, no subscription, or anything like that. We just want to give you the opportunity to enhance your creativity and elevate your crafts just as Lisa did when we pre-launched this amazing tool:"I was looking for an engraver that was easy to use and allow me customized my crafts. When I first met the Engraving Pen I realized I could give my projects a personal touch. I absolutely love it and am having a lot of fun using it!" - Lisa Rogers.

✓ Elevate your crafts: 5 minutes customizing your project could make it 10 times better. The easiest way to stand out.

✓ No skills required: Anyone can use it, but anyway we'll include 30 bits TODAY!

✓ Rechargeable Battery: It includes a USB cable to recharge it. 

✓ Strong and powerful: It features an engine with 3 gears, ranging from 5000rpm to 25000rpm.

✓ Forget about stolen/lost tools: Tag them with your Engraving Pen (law enforcement will not return stolen property if it's not identifiable.)

✓ Extremely comfortable: The ergonomic design, lightweight, and compact size of the Engraving Pen make it the best engraving tool. You will have a professionalengraving machine in your pocket.  

✓ Versatile: Works on wood, glass, leather, metals, and more!

✓STYLE A:1*pen+1*charger+1*wrench

✓STYLE B: 1*pen+3*Saw blade+1*Converter+30*2.35mm grinding head+1*charger+1*Drawing board

✓ size:12*1.8cm

✓ material:ABS+stainless steel



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