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aakip™-🌱 Cat Grass Seeds-Easy to Grow

aakip™-🌱 Cat Grass Seeds-Easy to Grow

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What is cat grass?
“Cat grass” is grass that’s safe for cats, typically grown from rye, barley, oat, wheat, or alfalfa seeds. Cat grass looks a lot like the grass on your lawn, but it’s not.

It’s important to note here that cat grass is not catnip, which is a member of the mint family. The difference between catnip and cat grass is that catnip produces a euphoric, behavioral effect in cats.

Cat grass, on the other hand, is packed with antioxidants, chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that promote cat health, plus fiber to support digestion.

Why do cats like cat grass?
Nibbling on grass is a natural behavior for all cats. Many cats enjoy the feeling of chewing on grasses, but cat grass may also provide benefits that their carnivore diets lack.

Eating grass may help cats settle their stomach or dispel things that their body can’t digest. Cats don’t have the necessary stomach enzymes to digest grass, which is why some cats may vomit shortly after actually eating grass. This can help clear their stomachs of fur, feathers, intestinal parasites, or bones from the prey they may have caught. Even though it makes them vomit, they’re eating grass on purpose.

Benefits of cat grass:

Relieves indigestion
Natural laxative
Parasite prevention
Aids in removing hairballs
Provides vitamins and minerals
Mental stimulation

How easy is it to grow?
Cat grass is relatively easy to grow. If you’re starting from seeds, all you’ll need to provide is water and sunlight, and within about one week, your cat will have their very own organic garden for safe, healthy nibbling.

Cat grass is grown indoors for your cat. If you live in an apartment and your cat does not have access outside, your cat may chew on household plants instead, which can be dangerous if you have poisonous houseplants.

How to grow cat grass?
It should take three days to a week for seeds to sprout. Once the seeds begin to sprout, use less water.
After about 5 to 7 days after sprouting, the grass should be about 4 inches tall, and you can give your cat access to the grass. Your cat can eat directly from the container.
The grass will last between a week and three weeks if you give it natural light and daily watering.
Be careful to follow instructions for watering. Too much water can cause mold.
When the grass begins wilting or changing color, start the process over again by planting a new container.

Should your cat have constant access?
Your cat grass patch should be kept in a place separate from household plants to not confuse your cat. It can be hard for cats to distinguish the difference between what they can eat and what they can’t. Never keep poisonous plants or flowers in an area where your cat can easily get to.

Your cat can have constant access to their cat grass, but you should keep an eye on their behavior. Cats should only ingest a small amount of this nutrient-rich treat at a time. If your cat is constantly vomiting, you should consider relocating their cat grass and only allowing access occasionally.

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